The library is a central part of DA SKBZ College for Educational Development. It provides educational resources to support the college’s work. It has been established to mainly serve the faculty and students of the college. The library provides a range of resources in print and electronic media to support the teaching, learning, and planning facilities. The library stocks over 18500 books and journals in education, teaching, and social sciences disciplines. A collection of reference books is also available. The non-print collection includes audio and videocassettes, educational CDs, electronic journals.


Library collection refers to books, journals, reference works and non-print materials in the library. Most of the collection items are available for circulation, that is, authorized library members may borrow these items for a specified period. A few items in the collection may only be used in the library, that is, they are not available for circulation. This is to ensure that the limited number of items in the Reference section will be available to as many users as possible.

In SKBZ College we have a library with large collection of informative Books, Audio visuals, Journals, Local & International periodicals, Reference material and News papers.